eiNetwork Selects NetBeez to Reduce Support Costs


eiNetwork provides network connectivity, online Library Catalog services, PC support for 2,500 desktops, and technology assistance to libraries throughout the county. The eiNetwork network spans more than 75 library locations in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.


To troubleshoot network and application issues, eiNetwork had to rely on the information reported by the users to the help desk; most of the times this information was incomplete and insufficient to assess the scale of the problem. “We had to connect via remote desktop to client machines to have a better view of the problem. This was an approach that does not scale well with many network locations,” said Ernest Williams, Network Manager at eiNetwork.


eiNetwork chose the Netbeez network monitoring solution to solve their network troubleshooting challenges across their 75 libraries. This included a combination of Ethernet Beez, Virtual Beez and BeezKeeper.

The following solution architecture was implemented:

  • One NetBeez Ethernet Beez hardware network monitoring sensor at each of the 75 locations
  • One virtual network monitoring sensor at each of the two data centers (Virtual Beez)
  • On premiseBeezKeeper central server
  • One monitoring target configured for each web resource (e.g. Library Catalog)

Since the deployment of the NetBeez network monitoring solution, eiNetwork has been able to empower their network engineering team improve service levels across all their remote sites and be more effective with their limited time. The remote sensors immediate alert when the find a network issue, or when an application is unreachable or slow. On the dashboard the eiNetwork team is able to quickly review the network availability and application performance data collected in real-time by all the agents. This translates to faster problem resolution, decreased service downtime and reduced onsite tech dispatches.

Name: eiNetwork
Industry: Non Profit IT Services
Use Case: Network troubleshooting

NetBeez Solution Deployed

  • On-premise BeezKeeper central server
  • Ethernet Beez network monitoring sensors


  • Real Time Network Visibility
  • Faster Resolution
  • Decrease Downtime
  • Optimize Onsite Tech Support Costs