Network performance data

Introducing: Dynamic Performance Data in All-New Reporting Feature

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We are excited to announce a fully redesigned and rebuilt Reports feature as part of the 1.2 update. This is one of the major features of 1.2 and has been a long time in the making. Historical network and performance data has always been a big part of monitoring and troubleshooting with NetBeez, so we wanted to make it more accessible and easier to work with.

The new Reports feature greatly expands the historical reporting capabilities of NetBeez. Previously, historical reporting was limited to Target-centric reports and output was divided between global and interval average reports. This setup made it difficult to get the full picture of past data, not to mention there was no option for Agent reports. Read More

BeezKeeper 1.2 Release

New Release: BeezKeeper Version 1.2

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We’re excited to announce the new 1.2 release of BeezKeeper! The BeezKeeper is the central server that hosts the NetBeez user dashboard, controls the agents, processes the real-time performance data collected, and generates alerts when outages or performance degradation occurs. It’s hosted on the cloud or on-premise. The 1.2 release includes new, dynamic reporting features as well as bug fixes. The major features and improvements are:
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How do you support employees working from home?

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Working from home has its pros and cons. One of the negatives is that technical support is much more difficult. Employees working from home use their own local ISPs and each one of them uses a different modem. Chances are that they use a wireless router, which could be provided by the ISP or installed independently. Most likely, the employees need to use tools like Salesforce and Office 365, or custom applications that run either in the cloud or in a private datacenter.

When home-based employees can’t access the tools they need or experience “slowness”, they are quick to open a ticket with technical support. The environmental variables mentioned above make troubleshooting difficult. The main problem is the lack of visibility in the employee’s home environment. You will either guide the employee to run some tests for them (e.g. ping, traceroute) and email them the results back (if possible), or do a remote desktop session to begin troubleshooting.
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Network performance analysis

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One of the most important functions of a network monitoring tool is reporting. In a report, the performance and status of any monitored resource, service, or device, for which data can be stored in a database as a time series, can be analyzed and compared with other resources to discover trends, patterns like daily, weekly or monthly fluctuations, or spot underperforming assets. Thanks to reports, you can review graphs, tables, and charts related to network availability and application performance and have a clear view of the status and performance of network and applications.
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Build Your Own Network Status Dashboard

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The public dashboard, or more formally, the Network Status Dashboard, is one of the features we rolled out with our most recent release.  This dashboard, which you can easily deploy on a web host or intranet alongside your NetBeez installation, gives you a way to share network status data with colleagues, your customers, or even the public.  We think this will be a handy addition to the overall NetBeez monitoring solution.

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BeezKeeper Application Program Interface (API)

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As you may or may not already know, we have recently released our NetBeez RESTful API. This initial version of the API provides read-only access to all the data which are accessible through NetBeez dashboard visualizations. From agents’ statuses and targets’ statuses to test statistics and alerts.

I’m taking this opportunity to go through some of the endpoints which provide the data you see on the dashboard. You can then put your creativity and interoperability skills to work and either create your own dashboards that server your very specific needs, or you can integrate your Beez data with your goto tools.

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Launched API and public dashboards with the new BeezKeeper update

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netbeez-1-0-14This week we’ve pushed a new software release of the BeezKeeper, which introduces two major features our users have long awaited:

  • The NetBeez API: a way for users to create their own dashboard or integrations
  • The NetBeez public dashboard: a status page that can be hosted on a public intranet or Internet site that shows information about the network locations and applications monitored by the sensors.

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NetBeez at Networking Field Day 12

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NFD-Logo-400x398.pngOn August 12 2016, Panos and I represented NetBeez at Networking Field Day 12. If you don’t know what Networking Field Day (NFD) is, it’s a livestreamed event where IT product vendors like NetBeez present their technology and solutions to networking experts, the delegates, most of them are CCIEs. They get to play at work, or for personal interest, with many different technologies and, as result, also like to write reviews about these products.

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Turn your Raspberry Pi into a wireless monitoring sensor

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WiFi BEEZWireless is connecting the world.

802.11 networks are not just providing connectivity to our laptops and smartphones, but are also allowing us to interact with IoT devices like refrigerators, light bulbs, and cars. When complemented with Internet access, wireless connectivity is, in the end, a utility, a service that is provided to the public and that must be assured. And at NetBeez, we are not the only ones to think so; recently, the United Nations have declared that all people have the right to Internet access in order to enjoy their right to freedom of expression and opinion.
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What is distributed network monitoring?

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distributed_networking-2Distributed network monitoring is essential for multi-site enterprises that have a wide area network (WAN). You may be asking yourself how large your WAN should be to justify such a solution to your manager. What I have generally seen is that if you are supporting five or more network locations, then you will probably spend a considerable amount of time troubleshooting network and application issues. If that’s the case, then you have a clear indication that you need distributed network monitoring to make your life easier by spending less time troubleshooting problems. In fact, distributed network monitoring is a great way to quickly detect legit network and application issues, and quickly do fault isolation, which is an important step in the troubleshooting process.
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