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End-User Monitoring from the Floor of Cisco Live 2017

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NetBeez at Cisco LiveOur first time exhibiting at Cisco Live was a blast! The most rewarding part was talking to hundreds of network professionals and learning about their experiences and problems, and also how we can make their lives a little bit easier with NetBeez.

NetBeez is an end-user monitoring tool that uses WAN and WLAN sensors to capture network and application performance from multiple locations of your network.  While we were at CLUS, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to attendees how NetBeez works and what data it collects by deploying sensors on the tradeshow floor. Here’s what we discovered:


We deployed a wired and a wireless agent on the trade show floor. A pair of agents helps in quickly identifying  if the issue is the wireless or wired network causing user experience issues. The wired agent was connected to a drop in the  Cisco Investments Pavilion area, and the wireless one was deployed at our booth in the World of Solutions. Read More

WirelessLAN Professionals Conference

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The WirelessLAN Professional Conference is taking place from February 21st to 23rd in Phoenix, AZ. This event brings together WiFi professionals so that they can get to know each other, and, more importantly, to learn from each other. This is reflected by the format of the conference. There are no vendor booths and all speakers take time from their busy schedules to put together presentations on a wide variety of topics. Read More

Monitoring VPN connections

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Virtual Private Networks are encrypted and authenticated connections established between two hosts across an insecure and public network, namely the Internet. These connections enable remote workers and frequent travelers to access private and internal company resources from an external location such as a home environment, or coffee shop. In this scenario, one end of the tunnel is the user’s computer running a VPN client, while on the other end there’s a VPN server (or VPN concentrator) located at a corporate site.
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How do you support employees working from home?

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CxEwrL8UsAAvMNwSupporting people who work from home is something I can relate to since I’ve been one of those employees for more than a year now. I work from my home in San Jose, CA and the rest of the NetBeez team is in Pittsburgh, PA. Being a technical person, I am my own IT support. In addition, the Pittsburgh office has technical people, so if something comes up it’s easy to communicate the problem and troubleshoot it. But not everyone is as lucky. Read More

Have you insured 100% of your infrastructure or just parts of it?

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agentMany see IT investment in monitoring tools as a cost since it doesn’t produce any explicit revenue. However, in today’s world where network connectivity and online presence is a central pillar for just about every business, it becomes apparent that any downtime has an immediate revenue impact associated with it. Either because your online store is down or your employees cannot get their jobs done. Let alone the reputation damage that comes with every period of major system downtime. Read More

Network Controllability and Visibility

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dilbertWe are moving past the era of needing dedicated circuits for enterprise WAN networks. Connectivity is becoming a commodity, and since many applications run on the cloud or rely on access to the cloud, we don’t need private circuits to reach them. WAN connectivity is becoming commoditized and this creates new controllability and visibility challenges for network engineers.

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Network sensors for wide area networks

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netbeez-locationsIn large wide area networks with dozens, or even hundreds, of remote sites, appropriate network monitoring configuration must be in place to assure that the network administrator can receive prompt notification of outages that impact users.

Traditionally, network monitoring was implemented with tools that were based on protocols like SNMP and NetFlow. These protocols are still effective in assessing the status of network devices’ availability and resource consumption. However, SNMP and NetFlow applications provide very little information about the end users’ connectivity and the service availability of cloud and internal applications.
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Impact of Packet Loss, Jitter, and Latency on VoIP

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packet10The challenging part of VoIP traffic is that it needs to compete with all other traffic and also be delivered in real-time in order to achieve a good audio quality level. With email or file downloads, if a packet is received out of order or delayed by a few seconds, the user probably won’t even notice. On the contrary, VoIP packets have to arrive in real-time in order to have an intelligible conversation. Read More

Home ISP performance monitoring with BISmark

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bismark mapA couple of months ago I blogged about using Raspberry Pi’s as home network monitoring agents. The idea was to collect data from home networks and compare the performance of different ISP’s as well as detect outages and get notified about them. Guess what? There is nothing new under the sun: project BISmark does exactly that!

BISmark stands for Broadband Internet Service Benchmark, and is a research project between Georgia Tech and Princeton University. It started by utilizing OpenWrt routers. In addition, it now it supports Android devices as well asRaspberry Pi’s. The project started around 2011.Currently BISmark has 406 devices registered, although only 58 appear active. Read More

NetBeez at Interop 2016

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netbeez agentsThis year, NetBeez was selected as the official end-user monitoring solution of InteropNet, the temporary enterprise network that serves exhibitors and attendees at Interop. For those who don’t know, Interop is the annual IT trade show that takes place in Las Vegas and whose mission is to facilitate interoperability between vendors.

Several vendors sponsored the event and provided their technology in support: Ruckus for wireless, CenturyLink for Internet connectivity, NetBeez and PathSolutions for end-user performance monitoring and network troubleshooting.

InteropNet was a success! As I will prove in this blog post, throughout the conference, the network provided stable and reliable wired and wireless services to the exhibitors and attendees.

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