How to Monitor your WiFi with Raspberry Pi

On August 29 at noon EDT, we hosted a webinar on how to monitor a WiFi network with a Raspberry Pi. The goal of this webinar was to share what we’ve learned so that you can get up to speed and either implement your own custom WiFi monitoring solution or just see what’s running under the hood of our network monitoring hardware.NetBeez has been using the Raspberry Pi single-board computer to monitor WiFi networks since 2015, when we launched our WiFi agent. We have gained much expertise over the past two years since launching our first WiFi agent, successfully performing customer deployments, and handling support tickets. WiFi Raspberry PiOur clients range from universities, hospitals, and medium and large enterprises with several remote offices, some worldwide.

This webinar was most useful for any network or wireless engineers that supported WiFi within their companies. Here’s the agenda that was followed in the webinar

  1. WiFi Monitoring
  2. Turn your Raspberry Pi into a WiFi Monitoring Sensor
  3. Requirements and Settings
  4. WiFi Monitoring with NetBeez
  5. WiFi Demo

Two important things that you should know when implementing WiFi monitoring from the client perspective, are how to configure the routing table of the agent as well as USB power ratings. Both topics are covered in detail in the webinar, as well as a live demo.

If you enjoyed our Raspberry Pi Webinar, please consider joining us for our upcoming webinars here!

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