Key Challenges of Remote Call Centers

Read this new brief to learn how NetBeez can help your team keep your remote call center productive by quickly identifying network performance and connectivity issues

Your call center agents can be highly productive working remotely. How can you support them and keep them working when technology issues flare up?

NetBeez Remote Worker Agents help diagnose network performance issues that are common with consumer-grade technology, cloud performance and internet service provider issues. Resolve problems quickly to ensure business continuity.

There are lots of new issues including service provider and backhaul internet performance, consumer-grade remote gear and remote help desk support capabilities.

Businesses like yours increasingly rely on remote workforces for virtual call centers, telemedicine, outbound sales, phone canvassing, and so much more. Employees can be just as productive working remotely as they are in an office environment – if the proper technology is in place and functioning properly.

Remote agents need to have secure access to the corporate network and cloud-based applications, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communication tools for phone calls and video conferencing, collaboration tools to work closely with colleagues, and of course, a reliable Internet connection to support all these needs.

All is good when that technology works as intended. But, what happens when it doesn’t? For instance, a customer call is dropped, an agent can’t reach their cloud applications, or the screen refresh for an application is painfully slow. Productivity suffers and business comes to a halt.

The fact is, consumer-grade technology in the home can be chock-full of issues. Wi-Fi signals can be weak. Bandwidth can be chewed up by family members playing games or streaming movies. Internet bottlenecks can cause high latency.

Remote networks simply aren’t designed with the robustness and resiliency of the headquarters network—and yet they are critical to your business. And the costs of diagnosing and fixing these issues can be much higher than with corporate networks.

Remote Call Center Visibility Challenges.

network observability

When problems arise, the remote agent calls your help desk. They don’t know why phone calls are cut off, or why they can’t access Google Docs or your CRM solution today. Problems are seldom reported with technical accuracy to successfully pinpoint the root cause. The agent just frantically tells the IT technician in frustration, “It’s not working!”

The agent’s issues are undetectable by most network monitoring tools used on your office LAN. The tech support specialist does their best to diagnose the problem over the phone, asking “When did you first notice the problem? Are you able to get to other applications? Let’s do a Wi-Fi speed test.”

Visibility into remote networks is limited. Sending someone to the worker’s home isn’t an option, so the trial-and-error questions go on. Not only is the remote agent unproductive but the help desk person is tied up too. This process is time-consuming and doesn’t scale to support all of your agents.

But there is a better way to quickly diagnose and resolve remote agent technology center pdfDownload this new brief to learn more about reducing root cause analysis time and effort by as much as 75% with NetBeez.

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