NetBeez Webinar Recording

On Thursday, 17 July 2014 we hosted our first live webinar on NetBeez. We had a good number of participants and got some good questions at the end.

The first part of the webinar is a five-minute presentation that puts in context what outages and network degradation problems that SNMP or up/down network monitoring tools fail to detect. The second part is a live demo that gives an introduction of the NetBeez dashboard, and then covers three use cases that demonstrate how NetBeez helps you detect and differentiate a global vs. a local outage and an MPLS location disconnection.

On average, 20%-30% of network and application problems are detected by the end users. The main reason for this is the reduced or complete lack of end-user visibility by the network engineers and IT staff. In a typical scenario, you have a centralized IT that supports dozens or hundreds of locations. When an issue is reported it takes a while to find out which and where users are affected. When you start calling users to find out more information, most of the time, you get inaccurate feedback and you can’t figure out the exact timeline of events.

With NetBeez and its agent-based distributed network monitoring, you have a “user” at each remote site that reports its experience in terms of the network and applications 24/7. They let you know, within seconds, when something went wrong. In addition, NetBeez stores all historical information, and you can use that to find out the exact timeline of events, and also know which users and at what locations experience the problem.

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