GoDaddy monitors its network with NetBeez

godaddy-logoPittsburgh, PA – February 11, 2016  – GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY), the world’s largest domain name registrar, has chosen NetBeez to help monitor its data centers and corporate locations around the world.

Chris Boyd, Director of Monitoring Services at GoDaddy, needed a way to capture and monitor the end-to-end connectivity and performance between GoDaddy’s datacenters and other corporate locations around the world. He needed a solution that would scale to support GoDaddy’s rapid growth, be easy to install and manage, and proactively provide network monitoring information. In addition, he wanted to include WiFi monitoring in order to better serve and support over 5,000 GoDaddy employees around the world.

Boyd’s group already had SNMP, flow data, and packet capture monitoring in place. However, they still didn’t have the complete network connectivity picture of their infrastructure. Here is what he said about NetBeez:

“We rely on NetBeez to monitor the end-to-end connectivity among our dozens of network locations and data centers. The WiFi monitoring completes the picture of our infrastructure monitoring by allowing us to see the perspective of our end users (employees) and not just from a poller with the wrong vantage point. The NetBeez dashboard and alert mechanism give us peace of mind and allows us to be proactive with network and application issues that may affect our employees as well as our customer-facing services.”

“NetBeez’s capabilities shine with customers such as GoDaddy.” said Panos Vouzis cofounder and COO of NetBeez. He continued, “Medium and large companies that rely on their network and datacenter infrastructure as well as a hybrid cloud to run their business critical operations need to know the status of their network connectivity. And when something goes wrong they must be alerted within seconds. NetBeez allows them to be on top of things.”

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy Group Inc (NYSE: GDDY)  is a leading technology provider to small businesses, web design professionals and individuals, delivering simple, easy to use cloud-based products and outcome-driven, personalized Customer Care. They serve more than 13 million customers worldwide, and they operate the world’s largest domain marketplace. They provide website building, hosting and security tools to help their customers easily construct and protect their online presence and tackle the rapidly changing technology landscape.

About NetBeez

NetBeez, Inc. offers a distributed network monitoring system for enterprises with centralized IT and many network locations. NetBeez measures and reports key performance indicators of network and service quality, enabling companies to quickly troubleshoot and fix network problems, cutting costs and reducing network downtime.

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