Network Troubleshooting

Remote WiFi Packet Capture with HORST on Raspberry Pi and Odroid

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What’s HORST? The Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool (HORST) is a lightweight IEEE802.11 WLAN analyzer. It was built for troubleshooting WLAN networks, and although it’s not as advanced as other tools (Kismet, Wireshark, tcpdump) it’s very easy to use, free, and can run very efficiently even on a Raspberry Pi….

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Do you have a Raspberry Pi? Use it to monitor your parents’ home network!

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Disclaimer: As of 2/28/18, the NetBeez ‘Free Plan’ has been replaced with a 30-day free trial. When you troubleshoot your network, Ping, DNS, HTTP, and Traceroute are the simplest and probably the most useful tests you could use. For example, if you run these tests on and all of…

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Troubleshooting WAN with Distributed Network Monitoring

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AngelBeat Recently, we toured Pittsburgh, Cleveland as well as three cities in Texas (Austin, San Antonio, and Houston) together with the folks from AngelBeat; AngelBeat, is an event tour that stops in one city every day, all year long, throughout the entire country and connects vendors with local IT practitioners. I…

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